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Dear VCU Community,

Yesterday's events outside of Cabell Library remind us of the complexities we face as a university committed to free speech, safety and operating our university.

While our community cherishes the right to peaceful protest, setting up structures on our campus lawn violated our policy. Our staff respectfully and repeatedly asked individuals to comply.

As has happened on other campuses around the country, conflict between police and protesters took place. 

I deeply appreciate those who peacefully expressed their views and the efforts of our staff during this time. Please know that VCU stands ready with support services. Student resources include TimelyCare and University Counseling Services, available 24 hours a day. Faculty and staff resources can be found through VCU's RamStrong program.

It's essential to recognize that the vast majority of events at VCU occur without incident. It's in this spirit of togetherness that I believe our community will move forward.


Michael Rao